2017 Lake Greenwood State Park Scenic Walk-Bike Trail Project

Questions: Email Jimmy at Pedenjimmy@gmail.com or call 864.809.8222    WORK SITE DIRECTIONS below.  

If you have not registered as a volunteer, please do so here.  Once you have registered, click below to choose your work days/times.

Check dates/times below, Click on link and register for as few or as many that you can work:   Go to link below if you are willing to help.

Work on your own:  Can’t find a time that will fit your schedule or just willing to work on your own:  Contact Jimmy, will give you a section to work on and what needs to be done.  Majority of work is moving dead limbs and trimming limbs.

Work session 1:  Ended on 10/14. 

Work Session 2:  Oct. 19th-Oct. 24th Volunteer work day/time options  Click Here

Work Session 3: Oct. 25th – Nov 1st  Volunteer work day/time options  Click Here

Keep checking back for more scheduled work days.

This will be our primary webpage to provide upcoming work dates/times and links to sign up for each that fits your schedule.

Our goal will be to schedule multiple days/times during the week this fall.  Sign up for as many as you can.

To determine best day/time:
We will use a program called “Doodle” that determines who is available on specific days and times, once we capture this information, we will set work dates/times about 1-2 weeks in advance.  After all respond to doodle, we will post set days/times based on what the majority can make.

Keep checking back to this page to stay informed and register for scheduled work dates/times.

Work crews of 5-7 ppl will work on 300′ marked sections of the trail.  Each work session will be limited to 2-3 hrs.

The majority of work will involve: 

  • removing limbs on trees (about 7′ and below) from trail to waters edge for best viewing of lake.
  • Remove any dead trees or limbs on trail
  • Remove any trash in trail area
  • Building walk bridge over ravens or creeks.
  • Remove any underbrush as needed

Overview of the trail: The entire trail is about 3.5-4 miles, 60% will take little work on the trail section.  Goal is to stay within 8-20′ of the shoreline.

As of 10/14/17, we have completed the green section and working on purple week of 10/15.

Trail Head and work project starting location.

Toward State Park on Hwy 702, turn across from Hwy 702 Bail and Tackle.  Go to picnic shelter, trail head is to right of it, lake edge at end of old boat ramp.