We are seeking YOUR help to build one of the top scenic trails in the state!! 

Check out our video of area:   Click here

CLG is excited to oversee this community project!  We are more excited about the community involvement that has volunteered to build this needed project but we could still use a few more.

Plans are to start late September with work days to choose from.  This trail will be one of the top scenic trails in the state.  3+  miles to build along the shoreline of Lake Greenwood.  Another 2 + miles are accessible in current state park.   The trail head will begin in the old section of the state park, across from Grand Harbor.  Trail will follow the shore line to the current state park.  See picture below.

VOLUNTEERS:   If willing to assist in this project, please complete the form below.  We will be in touch as we near the start of the project. Initial plans are for volunteers to work in small groups for 2-3 hr segments, we have trail divided into 300′ sections.  We will announce work days/times you can choose from as we get closer to start.  You can work for a few hours or full days.

Park Walk Bike Trail Volunteer

    Tools are not required but this will help us plan work groups.
  • Project will work in small groups. We need a few people we can share state requirements, so they can share with work group. CLG will meet with leaders before project . Please consider.
  • Provide any helpful additional information. If you have special skills, let us know. Carpentry, equipment , engineer , etc
    So we can plan best work days and times

RED- 3.7 mile along shore line

YELLOW- Short cut back to trail head